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Рейтинг: 5.00. Голосов: 3.

Stupidest loss I have ever had since 1-5 loss against seva in EAPHL cup.

Запись от Thrashmands размещена 15.02.2016 в 14:35

I lose 1-2 to Chicago and this moron called Malevich.
So what?
Let me tell you.

5 minutes until the end of the match, 3rd period. The score was 1-2 even then.

Whatever I write next had literally happened within 3 minutes of the match.

1st, I get a perfect one timer, cross ice. Goalie os off position, but I hit the post.

Literally just few seconds later, another one-timer opportunity, this time Chicago goalie Crawford fell, and this time the puck goes over the crossbar.

1 minute later, another one timer crossice, this time Crawford saves it by stacking his pads. I was aiming this shot upwards, but noooooo, it doesn't for some reason. I got manual shot aim on as well.

Another minute later, I had a breakaway, shot from the right side, Crawford already fell to his knees and commited, I slipped by and had much free space, but guess what? I missed the shot.

And I end up still losing 1-2.

Fuck you Mavebitch, you did NOT deserve the win.
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  1. Старый комментарий
    Аватар для Doc
    Sweet Jesus, so unlucky .
    Запись от Doc размещена 15.02.2016 в 15:25 Doc вне форума
  2. Старый комментарий
    Аватар для Scottie Upshall
    Where is video? Or you download only game, where you win?
    Запись от Scottie Upshall размещена 15.02.2016 в 15:51 Scottie Upshall вне форума
  3. Старый комментарий
    Аватар для Valter

    Big progress

    Hm... Site in big progress now - you first man, that take so many attention in pictures of most important moments in game.
    Запись от Valter размещена 15.02.2016 в 15:53 Valter вне форума
  4. Старый комментарий
    Аватар для Thrashmands
    I don't record matches anymore, because they are ruining my game experience (lower FPS, bigger ping, probably worse gameplay for the host as well and that). Last time I recorded it was against you, Scottie. And I didn't wish to upload it anyway.
    But this match though, it hurts.
    Запись от Thrashmands размещена 15.02.2016 в 16:19 Thrashmands вне форума
  5. Старый комментарий
    Аватар для Tiffosi
    Fuck you Mavebitch
    Hmm.. What is that?
    Why you abuse your opponent?
    You want to ban?
    Запись от Tiffosi размещена 15.02.2016 в 17:14 Tiffosi вне форума

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